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All 2, 3 & 4 wheel Mobility scooters, Electric wheelchairs, Electric power Scooters have free shipping in the 48 states. Call for shipping cost to Alaska, Hawaii, and outside the USA

All come with Free Batteries, and a charger

  Satisfaction money back guaranteed. See return policy page          

All electronic components of Drive Medical, EV Rider, and Ranger Corp. mobility  scooters &  power chairs come with 1 year waranty, and batteries 6 months.

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4 Wheel Outdoor Power ScooterNew from E-wheel !
Best buy on a mobility scooter for the outdoors with a 500LBS weight capacity. THIS affordable 4 wheel scooter has a 700 WATT HUB MOTOR AND 48 VOLT 20 AH BATTERIES.
EW-500 Electric Power MopedThe first in the market to have a removable battery that can be easily removed and charged at work, or when out and about
EW-450 Folding electric power bikeA folding electric power bike that is lightweight, weighing only 39 lbs. You can see all of our electric bikes, and 2 wheel scooters on our scooters page
EV Rider SportRider, classic looking scooterA classic looking electric scooter from EV Rider, the Sportster goes 9.3 mph., with a contoured orthopedic captain seat.
Wildcat Spirit electric wheelchair (Cirrus Plus)Drive Medical Cirrus Plus EC Folding electric power chair replaced the Wildcat folding chair. Check out the discount on Cirrus. A  16"  or 18" seat for $1,99.00, or the 20" seat for $1,499.00, and the 24" 450 lbs. model  for $1,999.00. A good power chair for the handicapped 
EW-66, E-Wheel two seat Electric ScooterOne of a few power scooters that has two seats that goes up to 18 mph., and up to 45 miles on a charge, which makes this a good outdoor power scooter for two
Note: All prices in US Dollars
Good quality power chairs, power scooters, power bikes.

Good quality power chairs, power scooters, power bikes.

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Drive - Titan Front Wheel Drive Power ChairLow cost power chair with interchangeable color panels in red and blue, a seat back that reclines with a adjustable headrest

Medalist Power Chair by Drive MedicalCaptain's Seats with contoured cushion and a fold-down backrest with 25 degrees of recline makes for true comfort, only comes in 450 lbs. model. Price listed by various seat sizes.
C.T.M.2850 electric wheelchairSelf diagnostics, programmable controller. and slope speed compensation makes this one of the more dependable power chairs,  for $1,599.00
C.T.M.2800 Power chairGood power chair from the CTM Homecare. With a Shark controller, a joystick, and strong and responsive casters keep you safely on course
Drive Medical Cobalt Portable power chairFull-size performance in a lightweight, easily transportable electric chair from Drive Medical power chairs. Receive a 5% discount at checkout 

Drive Medical - Phoenix 3Easy to take apart with the heaviest pc. weighing just 32 lbs., makes this a good mobility scooter to take with you.
Solo LTD. by Ranger Corp.Quick tilt steering handle for a easy  to get on and off of scooter. The Solo has been the best selling American made mobility scooters for 20 years.
Phoenix 4 wheel Portable scooterGood quality outdoor power scooter with 4 wheel, which make for a good stable ride.
EW-36 Adult electric scooterGood buy on a outdoor adult electric scooter) that goes 15 mph., A fast  scooter for outdoor uses.
Drive - Cobra GT4Good outdoor Power Scooter

With ten inches of ground clearance, a speeds of 10 miles per hour, and a 35 mile driving range makes this a great mobility scooter for the outdoors
Ranger Safari

RANGER has been building the best mobility scooters on the market for 25 years right here in America. See our testimonies page to see what people are saying about Ranger power scooters.

Heavy duty scooter XT 550 by RangerGood quality scooter that carries 550 lbs.,  made in the USA. Read what people are saying about Ranger scooters page/990885
EV Rider MiniRiderEV Rider MiniRider is a good quality mobility scooter with four wheels for stability with a three-wheel turning radius of 35 inches. It accomodates users of up to 6'4" in height and 275 lbs of weight
Solo LTD 4 by Ranger a one of its kind scooterGet a stable 4   wheel outdoor scooter. See what people are saying about Ranger scooters page/990885
X-Treme XB - 420 (3 wheel electric bike)Electric bike by X-Treme. Electric power bike that goes 15 MPH. A fast electric recreation Scooter for the outdoors!
Heavy Duty Solo by RangerA heavy duty scooter, built right here in the USA by Ranger, has a 450 weight capacity. Read the reviews on Ranger scooters on our Testimony page/990885
EW-88 Electric Power TricycleEW-88 Electric tricycle is perfect for riders that need to carry cargo. Has a reverse so that you can back up to park or to maneuver.
X-Treme 360 Electric Economy ScooterLite, quick, cheap to operate electric power scooter for a price of just $549.00 (CALL FOR DETAILS and Availability)
Ev Rider Rider Xpress mobility scooterNew from Ev Ride, the Rider Epress is one of the 4 wheel portable scooter with a 3 Wheel turning radius (38.6 inch turning radius) Price at $1,399.00
Drive Medical 3310 3 wheel power scooterDependable 3 wheel outdoor power scooter that goes 7 mph., and has a 500 lbs. weight capacity
Prowler 3410, Outdoor Power ScooterA 360-degree swivel Captain’s Chair, with a 23-mile travel range, top speed of 7 mph, and 5 " of ground clearance. A good comfortable outdoor scooter by Drive Medical
Pilot scooter 2310 by Drive MedicalCheap mobility scooter for what you get. A full size power scooter with a 18 or 20 inch Captain’s Seat that goes 6 mph., and a travel range up to 22 miles.
Buy a Spirit scooter by RangerUSA made mobility scooter with a light aluminum frame. A good electric power scooter for travel.
Royale 3 good dependable power scooterEv Rider Royale 3 with its 360 degree swivel captain seat and full suspension make for a comfortable outdoor 3 wheel power scooter
Lithium Power Bike X-Treme XB-300 Li Has a 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gears & Shifter, and powered by 7 Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries for: $1499.00
X-Treme X-140 simple good Electric scooterFun, lite, electric skateboard, weighs only 21 pounds, goes 10 mph., and up to 10 to 12 miles per charged. A 21  pounds one could carry up steps, and continue riding
X-Treme X - 600 Discount fast power scooterA electric power scooter with zip for those on the go. Comes with a seat. Goes up to 23 mph.
X-Treme XB-502 Discount Electric BikeCheap to operate, no gas cost, no noise, no smell just a great electric bike, no license needed to drive.
X-Treme Electric Bike XB 610A electric bike powered by 4 x 12 volt 20 amp batteries that last 3 years. Classified as a power assisted bicycle and is legal most states with no license needed.